Decay in the shade of the apple tree
Lonely wail of the highway stirs my memory
The past is a friend who turns into a stranger
I am in danger
My heart is in danger
The gray of the morning, do you recall?
Underneath the trailer, the dew in the fall
The haze of the harvest in early September
I still remember
Do you remember?
A cool whispered whirring to sing me to sleep
In a blanket of darkness, a kiss on the cheek
Alone in the silence I think I can hear it
Your tempering spirit
I long to be near it
Your wonderful spirit
I think I can hear it


Imagination meets the downpour dreaming
Did I choose this diagnostic pass?

Unfiltered and over the moon
I become my own chain
wound and heavy
falling towards earth

Time leaps forward without me
and dragging the moors I find
that first ignorant image

I am reborn in the heath
Evaporating towards brighter sun