I took this picture because I thought L looked like the most perfect beautiful angel I had ever seen (doesn't she, though?). When I looked at it afterwards, something occurred to me. When L was first born, sometimes I looked at her and all I saw was Down syndrome. Sometimes I would take a million pictures of her and post the one that I thought she looked the most "normal" in. I hated going in public because I would be constantly wondering if everyone around us could tell she had Down syndrome. Then I would go home and cry because a mother shouldn't feel that way about her baby. I loved her, and it was very hard. I knew that I didn't feel this way because there was something wrong with her. I knew I was having such a hard time because there was something wrong with ME. Even so, I couldn't get my head and my heart to agree. I can't remember the last time I looked at L and only saw Down syndrome. It just started to happen less and less. Now I look at her and just see my sweet girl. Now I go in public and, I assume most people notice, but I do not care. I'm proud of her, Down syndrome and all. The little things that she does that might make someone else look at her with pity are the little things that make me love her that much more. I am so thankful for the good and perfect gift God has blessed us with. She is helping to make me more like Jesus. She is helping me to see and to really know that all the things we call ourselves, all the things we try to find our identity in are just labels. Black, white, rich poor, smart, stupid, fat, skinny, male, female,disabled or not, she is helping me to see all people for what they truly are, beautiful and equally loved creatures of God. Don't get me wrong, I've got a long way to go, but (praise Jesus!) He accepts me exactly as I am and changes me as I go.