Day 8

Day 8: Yesterday I made the mistake of reading a bunch of comments on an article about prenatal testing and Down syndrome. I'm posting a screen shot of one of the 'nicer' comments just to say that THIS is why I post about L and about Down syndrome. This is why education and awareness are SO IMPORTANT. There is so much ignorance out there. SO MUCH. For the record, when you have a child with Down syndrome, you don't see them as your child with Down syndrome, you see them as your child. You love them like any other child. L is not a burden to me, and even if she never moves out, never gets married, never has a job, she will NOT EVER be a burden. I love her and can't imagine a day without her. She is glad to be alive and the feeling is mutual. And it isn't because I'm some kind of saint mom. I thought special needs moms were all saints before L, but trust me, I am not. I am just a mom, period, and moms love their children unconditionally. And I'm going to continue to shout L's worth until the day I die in hopes of changing these horrible attitudes and misconceptions that so many people have. As a human race, we need to be better.