Day 30

Day 30 (Down syndrome Awareness Month): Last therapy but not least, L has developmental therapy twice a month for one hour in our home. Her developmental therapist helps us set goals for L in all areas (physical, social etc) and makes sure we are on track for meeting these goals. An example of a goal might be "L will be able to walk. We will know she is walking when she can take 20 steps independently." It might seem unnecessary to someone outside looking in, but (for me at least) I like setting goals. We are pretty laid back about it, so it helps to keep me focused on helping L if we have something we are working towards. And we love miss Kiesha!

Now that I've told you about all of her therapies, I want to add something. Her therapies are our choice. If you have a child with Down syndrome, therapy isn't mandatory. We choose to put L in therapy because we want to give her an early start at reaching any dreams she may have and doing anything she sets her mind to as she grows. Like with any child, however, we are immensely proud of whatever she does in her life, and we love her exactly as she is! In her 17 months, she has already brought more joy and love to us and those who love her than I could've ever imagined for any child of mine.