Day 28

Day 28 (Down syndrome Awareness Month): L has occupational therapy once a week for one hour in our home. Occupational therapy works to improve a child's ability to participate in the daily routines of life. This could mean working on sensory issues, fine motor skills (things that require the use of smaller muscles, as opposed to the larger gross motor skills which PT works on), hand-eye coordination, social skills. The OT will help with any number of things ranging from helping a child learn to feed or dress themselves, to improving on attention span. L gets to do all sorts of fun stuff during OT like playing with silly putty, blowing and popping bubbles, doing puzzles, playing with blocks etc.

My plan was to take a picture of her during all her therapies this week but we've had to cancel most of them because L has been sick, SO here is a pic of her transferring fake strawberries from one basket to another. Basically it's the only picture I could find of her doing something she might do during OT!