Day 26/27

Day 26/27 (Down syndrome Awareness Month): Once a week for one hour, L has a feeding therapist who comes to work with her on feeding related issues. We started feeding therapy because L was having a hard time transitioning from nursing to drinking from a cup. We soon figured out it was just because she didn't like what I was giving her to drink! Now we are working on introducing new tastes and textures and chewing properly. Teething can be delayed in children with Down syndrome so L is currently toothless, which makes it harder for her to eat certain age appropriate foods.

She is also about to start speech therapy which will be with the same person who does her feeding therapy. She will work with L on strengthening muscles in her mouth and getting her to move her tongue and mouth in different ways to help improve her speech and encourage new sounds. L currently has around 30 words or so, including signs, so she is doing pretty well in this department.

Now you know!

Here is a video of her being extra cute while she eats.