A Thank You


Today was our first Buddy Walk. To say we appreciate all of the support is an understatement. Let me tell you why.

Last night L and I went to a Halloween party at my aunt's house. As I was driving home, I was thinking about how cute L looked in her costume.  I thought about how she would soon outgrow it. She would never be able to wear it again, and I was sad about that. I imagined packing it away in a plastic container to preserve it for years of storage. I thought about taking it out, and showing it to her as an adult.  I hoped that she would think it cute enough for her daughter to wear it someday.

And then it felt like someone punched me in the gut. The thought had arrived unexpectedly. For a moment I had allowed myself to dream a dream that will quite possibly never be. Don't get me wrong. I am not placing limits on her. I fully expect her to go to college, get married, have a job, and lead a productive life, but I also know that children may not be in the picture for her.  And I'll be honest with you, in that moment, I hurt. I hurt selfishly for the grandchildren I may never have, and I hurt for her, for the love she may never experience.

And then today 57 people showed up to walk with our team. 57 people got out of bed early on a cold and rainy Halloween morning and drove to the walk, many of them coming from out of town. They came to show their love and support to us, and to our daughter.  My spirit lifted and soared as I realized that, children or not, her life will never be lacking in love. She is already loved above and beyond what I ever dreamed for her.

So THANK YOU. Thank you to everyone who came to the walk. Thank you to those who donated to our team, and to those who bought t-shirts. Thank you to BlueCotton for giving us a discount on the t-shirts so we could donate more. Thank you to all who worked tirelessly to make the walk happen, and thank you to those who were there with us in spirit. It means the world to us, and we wouldn't change a thing.